We creATe plAces

for relationships and learning

we inspire

your experience of space

we cOnsider

the work styles of your members

we LEaRn

together the trends in the workplace

we shaRe

the importance of wellness

Experience our ShowroOm Story
Our showrooms are not just places, but an avenue where we  journey on learning more about space, products, wellness, the future of work, cultures and work styles. Our showrooms are a physical representation of our Organic Workspaces where your business issues get their solutions.

It is more tHAn jusT design . . .

Explore the core foundation elements considered when creating the Haworth Showroom Experience

designing tHe SPAce

Liz explores through countless of design ideas before reaching the final design. While following the over arching Haworth strategy on showrooms.

hawortH SPAces in ThE REGION

Explore the countries where Haworth Asia Pacific is present. From new showroom locations to undergoing construction and to newly refreshed spaces. 
GREatER china & nortH asia
souThEasT asia
middle eAsT

what's hAppening ?

A quick playback on our recent party in Hong Kong. Thank you for joining us on this special occasion in our newly revamped space. We hope you had a great time!