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Haworth Delhi Showroom Opening
August 11, 2017

Haworth Delhi inaugurated its new showroom on Friday August 11. Attended by more than 100 people, the new Delhi Organic Workspace attracted significant attention from clients, the design community and project managers. Designed by Haworth's Liz Teh, the space has reinforced Haworth as a leader of innovative work-settings showcasing Haworth Collection including Patricia Urquiola, Poltrona Frau and Cappellini. 

‘Haworth is leading the conversation with clients on the journey to agile environments reflecting the changing needs of Indian clients responding to competitive business needs, generational change and technology’ stated Glen Foster, Vice President, Sales for Haworth Asia-Pacific. ‘The India market appreciates the statement Haworth is making about the future of workspace being more residential and inviting. We are excited to partner with our clients and designers to create inspirational spaces.’ 

Congratulations to the Haworth Delhi team for a successful launch.

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