SPATIAl experience

our perspective on a design-led space, products and the future workplace

inTerior infLuences

Walk seamlessly through an experiential space surrounded by natural materials, in raw, contemporary and modern forms.

Watch as Liz shares the how these influencers shape the Haworth's showroom story across the region.


Using the Competing Values Framework™  as the underlying guide to build the relationship between activity and space.

Zones Core Value

branDing ZONes

You will be guided on the different zones with the help of branding elements carefully adapted to their respective setting.

loCaL elemEnTs

Being global means adapting the cultural elements that makes the environment friendlier with the people working and using them.


Carefully curated to breathe life into the space, artworks are manifestations of culture and visually enhances the spaces they reside.

mErchaNdIsing elemEnTs

Additional elements that adds value to the spatial experience by complementing the spaces with decors that invoke familiarity.


This constantly evolving set nestled within its own virtual barrier tend to create special experiences depending on the elements within.

lighting & aCcesSories

Lights transforms the mood and accessories accentuate visual and tactile experiences adding known experiences which you can commonly feel at home.

fLoOr fInishEs

Floor finishes create a seamless invisible barriers that delineate spaces according to their use. Each finish relates to the activity of each space and serves both as an aesthetic and utilitarian function.

waLl fINISHes

The tactile feel of fabric, wood or concrete in a walls and partitions elevates the unison between you and the space. Walls create barriers and these finishes embeds you to the rooms feelings.