augmenting the experience of spaces

3 buckeTS Of TechNoloGy in our spaCes
Technologies that support collaboration & communication between multiple people/groups.
• Wireless presentation 
• Video Conference Solutions 
• Room Booking System (Condeco)
• Interactive whiteboards
• Touchscreen Sketch Pads
Technologies that collect and track data that enable us to make informed decisions.
• Implementation of Haworth Analytics across our space and visualisation on screens
• Air filtration Devices (Visualised)
• Health Trackers
Technologies that increase and support the mobility of a workforce.
• Power and Data Mobility Solutions
• Wireless Internet
• Tablets
• Power Banks
• Chargers
Companies are currently experiencing and facing an increasingly mobile workforce – internally or externally. As a consequence we see a shift from assigned/dedicated individual spaces to a larger variety of work settings that employees are encouraged to choose from, according to their activity at a certain moment in time.

Teams need to understand in which type of spaces and work settings to invest to best serve the business needs and also ensure a high utilisation of real estate. This is dependent on being able to make informed decisions: decisions informed by real validate data and insights and not based on anecdotal observation.
Know more about Haworth Analytics, and how it your data can help your team